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Each building made to order to your specifications.
Custom size, configurations and options available for each model below –

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Why we’re the preferred choice 
of design professionals

We’re pleased to share with you our Small Buillding Portfolio Collection of original, copyrighted, timessless, classic designs.  We’re passionate about small buildings—the landscape they occupy, and the people whose lives give meaning to the buildings.  Each of the models we illustrate here can be custom sized and configured to meet your requirements.  Our collection is constantly evolving so we encourage you to visit our website periodically for updates and additions.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Let us know.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you on your custom design.

Signature Gardensheds® 
Building Features

  • Original Designs
  • Limited annual production
  • Acclaimed industry leader
  • Personalized service and attention
  • Built-to-Order Specifications
  • Wide range of options
  • Premium Materials
  • Meticulous Craftsmanship
  • Heirloom Construction
  • CAD Approval Drawing
  • Fully Assembled and Finished
  • KIT Option
  • Proprietary windows, doors, cupolas
  • (our mfg)
  • Restoration window glass option
  • Handforged hardware
  • Interior Cabinetry Options
  • Zinc countertop workbench
  • Storage loft/ladder
  • Pre-wire electrical
  • Hardwood flooring with handcut nails
  • Fully insulated building underside
  • Delivery and installation to 48 States
  • Ready to use the day of delivery!

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Nellie's Cottage Collection

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Nellies Cottage with gable overhangNellies Cottage with flush gable

Nellies Cottage with gable porticoNellies Cottage with entry portico

Nellies Cottage with exposed rafter tailsNellies Cottage with roof portico

The Nellie’s Cottage Series® is one of our most versatile designs. There are an infinite number of variations with the result that no two buildings are rarely the same. The Nellie’s series is defined by its characteristic gable roof with varying pitches. The roof can overhang, be flush, or extended to create a portico. There is a selection of distinct roof brackets and braces. The roof can have trim boards or exposed rafter tails. There are roof canopy, cupola, finials and dormer options, as well as different roofing material choices including cedar shake, standing seam metal, Eco-slate and asphalt shingles. Choose from our extensive window, door and cupola library to create your own unique building. We illustrate here just a few of the many stylistic combination possibilities.


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