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we-cursive-text offer the finest architectural buildings to enhance your landscape and lifestyle. Our acclaimed collection features original, historically-inspired Garden Sheds, Potting Sheds, Tool Sheds, Storage Sheds, Pool Houses, Boat Houses, Green Houses, Carriage Houses, Cottages, Studio/Workshop, Home Office, Barns, Solariums, Observatory, Welcome Booths and Pavilions. Our published work can be found at gracious homes, estates, hotels, clubs, campuses, resorts, gated communities and public gardens across the country.

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Options to Consider

The interior of your Gardensheds™ building can be unfinished, semi-finished, or fully finished.  Interior functions range from basic storage/utility to a fully inhabitable 4-season, all-weather studio, art, cottage or home office space. Interior spaces can be sub-divided with partition walls and doors. Insulation, electric and finished interior walls with trim package create a more fully finished appearance. Our buildings are easily cooled with a wall-mounted A/C unit, or warmed with an electric space heater.

Cottage Walls:
This is open frame interior walls. Whether natural or painted this creates a relaxed, informal “cottage” appearance. 

Beadboard or ‘V’Groove Walls: 
If you want a more finished interior “look”, we offer either traditional beadboard or wider ‘V’ groove boards—either of which is charming and informal. We do not install or recommend drywall for interior surfaces. With finished walls we include trim a full trim package.

Partition Walls:
We can sub-divide interior spaces to create a storage nook or an enclosed room with door.

Wall & Ceiling Insulation:
Our buildings are weather-tight without insulation. However, if you live in a 4-season climate and think you may want to use your building year-round, we recommend interior wall insulation for a more comfortable space in which to work. Ceiling insulation, depending on type of roof material, may or may not be necessary. For both walls and ceiling we use a closed cell rigid foam insulation which provides excellent thermal capabilities.

We offer a range of flooring options. Our standard floor is an unfinished cypress with handcut rosehead nails on the board faces. This is an old world, historic look with durable qualities. We can stain, paint or stencil your floors if desired. Other suitable flooring options include alternate hardwoods, antique reclaimed boards, cork and subfloor for your install tile post building delivery.

Loft/Ladder: Our standard loft is 42” in depth and is mounted on top of the walls with underside clearance of about 72”. Placement of the loft typically spans the full short width of a buliding at one end. We use a mounted rail on the front face onto which hooks a ladder that can move from side-to-side. A moveable ladder allows you to reach from one side to the other. Rail/ladder is optional if you prefer the loft only. As well, the loft can be made deeper than 42” if desired.

Our 10” wall shelfs, available up to 48” in length, and brackets provide flexible storage options. 

Tool Racks / Towel Racks / Bike Racks: We offer a variety of fitted racks to help organize your interior space.

Work Bench: A workbench provides a versatile surface on which to work. Our standard workbench is 24” in depth and can be sized to requested length. We typically see a workbench spanning a full wall length, whether on the short or long side.  We offer workbench with lower shelving and optional drawer.

A beautiful countertop can often be the focal point of an interior space. We offer a variety of materials suitable for countertops—zinc, soapstone, copper. Each has a distinct look that will add to the character of your interior. We can also provide you with a subtop that can be tiled post-delivery of your building.

Built-In Cabinetry:
Cabinetry can be installed pre or post delivery of your building. If you are uncertain what you may want we recommend waiting until after your building has arrived. If you know what you want we do offer a variety of styles and options, including finishes we’d be happy to review with you. 

Pre-Wire Electrical:
We think electrical is a good thing to have with your building—both interior and exterior. It’s nice to have a lantern on the outside to light a walkway in the evening and an interior light so you can see inside. While electrical can be installed after delivery it does make sense to pre-wire at our facility for a few reasons:  

1) it is cost effective  

2) we take great care to conceal wiring and not to “chew” up the interior framing with coring and drilling. We offer an array of electrical components including duplex outlets, exterior GFCI, exterior lantern mounts, interior ceiling mount, swtiches, cable and data wiring. After delivery your electrican simply has to make connection with pigtail wire.

Interior plumbing and fixtures are something that your plumber would install after a building has been delivered. Let us know in advance if you intend to bring water into your building so that we can prep with floor and/or wall access as may be required.

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Interior Options | Click on an image below to enlarge

Once you have selected your building model, windows and doors, it’s time to consider both exterior and interior options to customize and fully complete your building. We offer a variety of options to maximize the form and function of your building.  If you have something in mind that we do not list, by all means contact us with your suggestion. We routinely customize buildings to meet specific client needs and welcome your input and suggestions. Many options will be defined by the intended use of your building, a few of which we suggest below:


Utilty or strage shed

• Tool rack
• Storage loft/ladder
• Shelving
• Work Bench
• Pegboard
• Door Ramp
• Exterior Storage Closet
• Vented cupola or ventilator


Potting shed Green house

• Tool rack
• Storage loft/ladder
• Shelving
• Work Bench with zinc countertop
• Farmhouse Sink
• Interior Partition Wall
• Interior lighting and counter outlet strip
• Vented cupola or ventilator
• Skylights
• Window boxes


Pool house

• Vented cupola or ventilator
• Loft/ladder
• Beadboard or 'V' Groove Interior Walls
• Interior Lighting/Ceiling Fan
• Built-in Cabinetry
• Kitchenette counter top
• Towel Rack / Shelf
• Cedar Storage Bench
• Changing Room




• Pre-wire electrical
• Storage/supply closet
• Skylights
• Std. cottage framing or beadboard
• Wall insulation

Home Office Interior

• Built-in Cabinetry
• Pre-wire electrical
• Storage/supply closet
• Sub-divided interior
• Std. cottage framing or beadboard
• Wall insulation



• Kitchenette
• Pre-wire electrical
• Storage/supply closet
• Sub-divided interior
• Std. cottage framing or beadboard
• Wall insulation


Interior Details| Click on an image below to enlarge

Wood Floors

Special Reclaimed Flooring


Soapstone SInk

Soapstone Utility Sink w/washboard

Stencil Floor Pattern

Stencil Pattern Floor



Beadboard Wall Boards


'V' Groove Solid Wood Walls


Cedar Bench

Hinged Cedar Storage Bench



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