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we-cursive-text offer the finest architectural buildings to enhance your landscape and lifestyle. Our acclaimed collection features original, historically-inspired Garden Sheds, Potting Sheds, Tool Sheds, Storage Sheds, Pool Houses, Boat Houses, Green Houses, Carriage Houses, Cottages, Studio/Workshop, Home Office, Barns, Solariums, Observatory, Welcome Booths and Pavilions. Our published work can be found at gracious homes, estates, hotels, clubs, campuses, resorts, gated communities and public gardens across the country.

toll-free: 1-877-SHEDS-11 • direct: 609-466-7224 • info@gardensheds.com

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white quotation marks Be truthful in form and expression, be truthful in materials and construction, and the future will admire your work.
—Eliel Saarinen, architect (1925)

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not have our signature engraved
brass plaque—our mark of excellence.



Ordering a product online or by phone requires a level of trust and confidence we never take for granted. Quite simply, we would not have earned our industry reputation for excellence in both product and service if we did not stand behind our products.  We speak a plain language, without fine print and asterisks.

There are two things you should know about our guarantee that are fundamental to our company DNA:

1. We build each product as if it were our own

2. We treat each customer with the same respect we would want to be treated as a customer

What guides our guarantee is a simple, uncomplicated notion, unadorned of small print legalese—if you’re not pleased, for whatever reason, we’re not pleased. To that end, we promise to make every reasonable effort to redress a concern, however minor, that is a result of our oversight or error.  Each building is carefully checked by a minimum of two persons before it ships—one of whom is often the hands-on owner, Ken Smith. Fortunately we can tell you that we have never had a disgruntled or unsatisfied customer because we have failed to honor our commitment.
With each shipment we include touch-up paint and suggestions for product care and maintenance required of the client.  Our buildings are built with time-tested materials and old world craftsmanship to weather and endure the elements of nature.  Still, upkeep is required, just as one would expect to upkeep a house, a fence or a car.

In the end it is your satisfaction as much our pride that is the core of our guarantee.  In our estimation, that’s a guarantee that goes beyond mere words.