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we-cursive-text offer the finest architectural buildings to enhance your landscape and lifestyle. Our acclaimed collection features original, historically-inspired Garden Sheds, Potting Sheds, Tool Sheds, Storage Sheds, Pool Houses, Boat Houses, Green Houses, Carriage Houses, Cottages, Studio/Workshop, Home Office, Barns, Solariums, Observatory, Welcome Booths and Pavilions. Our published work can be found at gracious homes, estates, hotels, clubs, campuses, resorts, gated communities and public gardens across the country.

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Options to Consider

Glossary of Terms: EXTERIOR OPTIONS

We offer a range of siding materials:
1. Cypress clapboard plain bevel
2. Cypress clapboard with bead profile
3. Vertical cypress 
4. Board & Batten
5. Cedar Shake
6. Hardiplank

Note: We do not offer vinyl siding.

Window Shutters:
We offer three shutter styles:
1. Louver
2. Panel
3. Board & Batten

Window and Door Roof Canopies: 
Canopies are both attractive and functional.  Over a door entrance a canopy provides shelter from rain. Over a window a canopy provides shade. We offer a range of styles and materials.

What is more picturesque than a building with climbing roses on the wall and roof?

Our trellis will help with any of your climbing vines while protecting your wood siding.

Roof skylights are an ideal way to increase natural light to the interior of your building. We offer single, double and triple units in either fixed or operative mode.

Door Keeper: 
This traditional small cedar post with iron hardware is used to “keep” a door in a fixed, open position. This is useful when carrying items in and ot of a building, or if you want to enjoy fresh air while working inside a building. Available in either natural cedar or painted finish.

Door Ramp: 
We offer a single and double wide inclined wood door ramp to make it easier to wheel bikes, lawn mower, snow blower, wheel barrow, tractor, golf cart, motorcylce, etc. in and out of your building.

Unlike many buildings our roof cupolas are fully functional with air circulation as they are intended to be.  Our cupolas are cut into the roof and are protected with screens. We offer a range of cupola styles.

Roof Finials:
Finials are a way to bring distinction to a roof ridge line. Ours are suitable for any building model.

In lieu of a roof cupola, or in addition to a roof cupola, we offer a selection of wall mounted ventilators that serve much the same purpose of providing necessary air circulation.

Storage Closet:
An exterior closet is an ideal way to organize and keep garden tools or other items separate from the interior of your building. There are numerous configurations for a closet with single or double door and interior tool racks and shelving.

Portico Deck Extension:
A portico extension of your roof allows for a covered entrance with deck, or a sheltered area for firewood.

Roof Braces:
We offer a selection of roof brackets and braces for use with extended gable roof lines.

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Exterior Options | Click on an image below to enlarge

We go above and beyond traditional outbuildings with our extensive option offerings designed to enhance and distinguish  your building. If you have something in mind for your building that you do not see, by all means let us know.  Many of our ideas come from client suggestions.  Because each building is made-to-order we have ability to customize with features.  For example, we’ve designed custom window ledges for fruit stands; custom trellis siding and outdoor cooking/banquet countertop with cabinetry below—all of which originated with client requests.

Door Gable Portico



Door Keeper



Door Ramp



Storage Closet


Std. Cypress siding with
bead profile



Overhang with zinc potting ledge

Gable Dovecote Ventilator



Roof Bracket Detail

Gable Portico Deck Extension


Louver Wall Ventilator


Door Window

Handcrafted exterior lanterns


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Windows | Doors | Cupolas + Roof Options | Options >> InteriorExterior | Paint/Stain