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we-cursive-text offer the finest architectural buildings to enhance your landscape and lifestyle. Our acclaimed collection features original, historically-inspired Garden Sheds, Potting Sheds, Tool Sheds, Storage Sheds, Pool Houses, Boat Houses, Green Houses, Carriage Houses, Cottages, Studio/Workshop, Home Office, Barns, Solariums, Observatory, Welcome Booths and Pavilions. Our published work can be found at gracious homes, estates, hotels, clubs, campuses, resorts, gated communities and public gardens across the country.

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Public Shout-Out

Over the years we’ve received many thoughtful notes and calls of praise and appreciation from clients for our work and service. Our heartfelt thanks to all. We have to confess that we hate to see each building ride down our drive and turn the corner, often never to be seen again. Still, we are gratified knowing that at the other end an eager owner awaits its arrival. When we receive photos proudly showing a building at its new home, often after landscaping and owner’s personal touches have been added, it means a lot to all of us at Gardensheds™. We keep a large bulletin board at our facility on which each photo is just as proudly displayed. It reminds us all that the work we do is both valuable and valued. Simply stated, we would not be where we are today without such clients, many of whom remain friends of our Gardensheds™ family long after a building is delivered.

Client References

If you are a prospective client and would like to chat with some of our Gardensheds™ clients we’d be happy to provide you with references. Drop us a line or give us a call.


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 Ken, The gardenshed (or Greenwood’s new Welcome Booth) greatly enhances the first impression of Greenwood Gardens. The custom roof even compliments the new iron gate. The staff and Trustees couldn’t be more pleased with your work.

Matt Gundy
Greenwood Gardens 

 Ken, Our Nellie’s Cottage has assumed her position…delivery was smooth sailing with Keith! We must get moving on our landscape improvement project to provide a lovely setting befitting her presence…We are overjoyed and simply thrilled to have a beautiful cottage shed as the focal point of our backyard! We are highly impressed with the craftsmanship and attention to detail that Gardensheds has put into its construction—BRAVO to your talented team of craftsmen. Simply stated, I now have my dream cottage garden shed! Thank-you!

Cathy D.
Alexandria, VA

 Ken, the shed is here!! And settling in nicely. We absolutely love the shed, the quality of construction is extraordinary!!!! Nice job, the deliveryman was outstanding, tricky delivery he took his time and placed it perfectly…

Thanks so much,
Jay B.  
Freeport, Maine

 Greetings Ken!  The pool house arrived today. Wow!  More beautiful than I could have imagined. The changing room looks great with the storage bench. towel pegs and shelving.  Thanks for all your design guidance with this project—much appreciated.  My good neighbor has already expressed her admiration and so would not be surprised if you heard from her soon.  I’ll forward some pictures once we finalize landscaping.

Wilson S.
Middleburg, VA

 Hi Ken. We are blown away by the quality and the craftsmanship.

Nick C. 
Burdette, NY

 Ken, Julie's potting shed has now found a new home and from first impressions, the shed is very happy! Everything went very smoothly. Keith made the 2:30 ferry which I met and he followed me to a stop where he parked his rig so I could show him what the challenge was. I had my electrician there to help and Keith did a great job of placing it in the exact spot. He was able to even make the 5:00 ferry to get a start back home. I am so relived that everything worked so smoothly. I have been most anxious all day. Julie will be most excited when she arrives tomorrow. Of course, I shared the minute-by-minute details as she was hosting a bridge party. I will certainly send appropriate pictures but it is a perfect addition to our Williamsburg collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Best Regards,
Larry P.
Put-In-Bay, OH

 Ken, Shed done right!, front yard, stone foundation, beautiful floor, more landscaping next week. Thanks to you & Nellie, I love my shed.

David J., D.D.S.
Bryn Mawr, PA

 Hi Ken, I promised you a picture of Belle in her new home. We still have much landscaping to do, but consider this a "before" and I will send you the "after" when the mason and the garden lady are finished. We LOVE her. My husband spent most of yesterday setting up his half of the area as his workshop, and hung pegboard to store his tools.  I've never seen him be so neat!  We're still waiting for the electrician, as well, to come hook us up and hang the lantern, but I can tell that this is a perfect solution for us. Everyone--from my carpenter, to the garden lady, to the pool guy, to the neighbors and my kids and their spouses--walk in and just say, "WOW!!" when they see her.  This is a perfect example of the joy of good quality far outweighing the pain of price!  I do not regret one penny spent on this beauty!  Thank you so much for making her just the building we needed.

Margot L.

Richmond, VA

 Ken, The gazebo looks beautiful and your crew did a great job.  Thank you and your crew.  I will send pictures when I can.

Charles Wermers
Wermers Development, Inc.
Vice President, Director of Planning and Design
Virginia Beach, VA

 Ken, Thank you for working with us on our purchase. We've received many wonderful compliments and are thrilled with the shed. The construction is amazing and it really adds a nice touch to our property.

While the delivery was delayed a day, we were really impressed with the care taken to offloading the shed. He also was very accommodating to finding just the right placement. It was unbelievable to see him do this all alone.

Thank you again for a great product that we will enjoy for many years to come.

Scott B.
Haddonfield, NJ

 Hi Ken, Well, there is nothing else to say but that she is spectacular. Like a wonderful wooden boat, she deserves a name, and I guess it will be Belle until we think of something better.  I love the clean smell of new wood and the freshness of her. I hope I can keep her in the manner that she deserves. I may have to get all new garden tools to be worthy of being stored there. There is a saying I can't quite remember exactly, but the essence of it is that "the joy of good quality lasts long after the thrill of a bargain price is gone." When I add up what I've spent on her, it's nearly indecent, but I LOVE her and will just never discuss with anyone how much it ended up costing.  She looks fabulous and the space inside is huge, relative to a rectangular building of the 8'-6" by 8'-6”, which is her core. Everything just works, and it is a pleasure both to look at her from my bench outside the house and to be inside her waiting for the planting season to come.  I'm glad that I'll have the chance to claim my space before my husband starts bringing in saws, vises and power tools!! I don't think I've ever had such a delightful place to store my garden things, nor to work on planting. In short, I am absolutely thrilled!  

Thank you for all you've done to bring this day to reality.

My very best to you, and good wishes for a Happy Easter.
Margot L.
Richmond, VA

 Hi Ken, Our Williamsburg Classic garden building arrived yesterday evening. Keith did an outstanding job of moving and setting the building! He is quite adept at his job and a personable young man, too. The building is absolutely wonderful. One of your references that we called told us it’s “more like a piece of furniture than a building” and he is right. Keith said Gardensheds® buildings are the “Cadillac” of garden buildings—how true!! We really enjoy it being part of our back yard.

Thank you for a job well done from beginning to completion!

Thank you,
Gwen and Charlie P.
Lee’s Summit, MO

 Hi Ken, I just had my flower garden planted; it looks great. We had a huge graduation party for Sarah and everyone loved the Gardenbelle! I love to show it off!

Catherine F.
Princeton, NJ

 Hi Ken, The pool house arrived safely. It is so beautiful. Keith, the driver, is incredible.  He guided it to its new pad perfectly. He had two sheds on the trailer when he arrived.  Another hour and he could have sold them both on the street. They were both so adorable.  I would love to have had both myself.  Thank you for your beautiful work.

Mary Y.
St. Louis, MO

We wanted to let you know how happy we are with the beauty and quality of our shed.  It is wonderful to know that there are still true craftsmen out there. We are so glad we found Gardensheds.  This building is destined to become the focal point of our yard.  The building complements the area perfectly-- the craftsmanship is perfect as well.  Please relay to the builders what brilliant artists they are.

Peter W.
Santa Barbara, CA